Dr. Michael Gervais and Coach Pete Carroll founded Compete to Create to give people the tools to reveal and engineer themselves to be their very best every day — at work, at home, with colleagues, with family and friends and in society. The decision to live a life with meaning and purpose, while also striving to be your best, requires training not only around your personal craft, but increasingly around your mind. The skills we teach and coach you up on are grounded in the science and art of high performance psychology. Our processes are taught through in-person events, seminars and an online course. The online course is now available for individuals as well as organizations and features video-based learning, community engagement, 1:1 feedback from a mindset coach, habit tracking, and more. Our engagements are designed to enhance your team's ability to live in the present moment more often.

January 11, 2010

Pete Carroll becomes the Seattle Seahawks' head coach. Shortly after, Dr. Michael Gervais joins the Seattle Seahawks and implements an integrated psychological approach

September 2013

Compete to Create launches with Pete Carroll and Dr. Michael Gervais. Compete to Create gives the first ever high performance mindset training course to the employees at Microsoft.


Compete to Create gives high performance mindset training to employees at Microsoft, Boeing and Zynga


Compete to Create hires and trains Olympians to be mindset coaches to give people the tools to reveal and engineer themselves to be their very best every day


Compete to Create has conducted over 50+ live events at Microsoft. Compete to Create also provides high performance mindset training courses to globally recognized brands such as Starbucks, SAP, Nordeus, and P&G


Compete to Create conducts an additional 50+ events at Microsoft. 2017 is also the year in which Compete to Create co-creates its first online High Performance Mindset course with Microsoft. Both Dr. Michael Gervais and Pete Carroll also introduce the USC Performance Science Institute and minor at the Marshall School of Business in 2017. The USC Performance Science Institute is dedicated to developing the field of Performance Science and sharing its findings about high performance with diverse audiences. Compete to Create also expands its student base to include employees from Riot Games, the FBI, and AIT.


Compete to Create has delivered the High Performance Mindset course to over 12,000+ people. From 2016 to 2018, Compete to Create has delivered over 240,000+ hours of mindset training at Microsoft to 30,000 people. Compete to Create expands its student base to include employees from AT&T, Salesforce, Kohl’s, Amazon, and Access Bank.


We launched our first online course called Finding Your Best to the public and our corporate partners. We doubled our team size and moved into a new office in Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.


We launched our first Audible Original called Compete to Create: An Approach to Living and Leading Authentically. We debuted our new SAAS platform to introduce new courses by the end of the year.


Compete to Create and Finding Mastery undergo an exciting merger bringing together a rich set of online and in-person performance psychology resources. Pete Carroll launches Amplify Voices. Dr. Michael Gervais supports Team USA at the Tokyo Olympic Games.




Empower and educate the next generation of leaders through mindset training and personal development.