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Can you feel the uptick in stress? In you? In the people around you? I wanted to write you a quick note to acknowledge the stress that many of us are experiencing and remind you to continue to find the good in change. Embrace uncertainty. Help others. Be a global citizen. Be compassionate. Be strong.
Pete Carroll on deliberately developmental organizations
Years ago, we came across research from some Harvard professors who talked about “deliberately developmental organizations.” After digging into the topic, we realized that the culture they’re describing is in direct alignment with who we are and increasingly aspire to be — and probably what you want your culture to be too. Wouldn’t you love
warrior's edge training for military and first responders
We’re excited to share a project that we’ve been working on to support first responders and military personnel. We’ve been deep in the weeds adapting our online mindset training program (Finding Your Best) to meet the needs of those who operate in environments of high consequence. This has led to an entirely new program called
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As with many fads that infiltrate American pop culture— the Zone diet, 8-Minute abs, high-waisted jeans— people impulsively buy-in without a deep understanding of why. We are social animals and signing onto a trend connects us to the larger tribe. Mindfulness seems like it could be one of those fads right now. Recently, a friend
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Our mission at Compete to Create is to help people find their best. One essential part of that process is helping people figure out their personal philosophy.  Historically, think back to Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and other impactful cultural leaders. They all have very clear personal philosophies. THEIR THOUGHTS, WORDS, AND


Do you live for the weekend? Spend your work weeks looking forward to those few days that are reserved for fun, rest and recovery?  At one level, it sounds pretty good — at a deeper level — it might be an indicator of not being able to fully tap into your potential.  Here’s one way
When we set intentions for self-improvement, we tend to look inward and go on the journey alone, gritting out the process of learning and reshaping our behaviors seemingly in a vacuum.  However, we need the help of others to explore our own potential. Our relationships with others are often a mirror for our relationship with
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We live in a culture of productivity. Our identities are tied to and defined by what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. And this has led to a collective hustle for self-worth, driven by the non-conscious belief that if we do more, we’ll be more. And many don’t realize that there’s a difference between