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As a human, there are essentially three things that we can train: our craft, our body, and our mind. And everyday is an opportunity to train these areas and develop the skills that keep them working at an optimal level–– to explore the boundaries of what’s possible with who we already are and who we
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If you didn’t join us for our most recent webinar, we discussed the concept of gratitude and how it can help jumpstart your journey of self-discovery— our theme for this month here at Compete to Create. Before we get into unpacking gratitude, let’s talk about being present. One of the main concepts of our mindset
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It’s a process we’re all going through all the time - through setbacks and trauma or awareness and introspection - what are you working towards and how are you showing up daily?
What is Compete to Create?
Six years ago, we started Compete to Create with a simple dream to help people find their best. Since then, we’ve reached more than 35,000 people through our online training platform, live events, and 1-on-1 coaching.  But you might be wondering: what exactly is Compete to Create? The short answer? An educational platform aiming to
Have you ever watched an Olympian experience her childhood dream by effortlessly breaking her personal record? Or an astronaut flawlessly orchestrate a rocket launch? Or a president deliver a country-altering State of the Union address? Their focus, ease and courage are impressive. There’s a name for that type of state of mind — Flow state.
In Under Armour’s new documentary, Margin of Victory, they explore the mindsets behind some of the world’s best athletes during their preparation leading up to their next big performance: 6-time NBA All Star, 2-time NBA MVP and 3-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry, FIFA World Cup Champion and Olympian Kelley O’Hara and former Heavyweight Champion Anthony
As human beings, we crave community and connection. Way back when, living in a tribe was our means of survival. If we banded together we were less vulnerable to predators, able to heal the sick, assist in the birth of new life, gather food for all and raise each other up under guiding principles and
35 miles of running. 10,000 feet of climbing.  9.5 hours of one foot in front of the other.    For the first time since the Rio Olympics, I wanted to be tested again physically. That’s why I signed up for an ultramarathon in Whistler B.C. When I first committed to this race, running four miles felt like hard work. I had