By taking the Finding Your Best course, you’ve made a decision to live a life of deep meaning and purpose. It’s not the path for everyone. By definition, you are an outlier by investing in yourself and pushing the edges of your comfort zone to pursue what’s possible. There is a commitment you need to make. The adventure is never over!

Whether you are just starting out or have been formally training your mind for a while now, here are some ways to maximize the benefits of your investment:

  • COMMIT to a week of training one mindset skill. Maybe it’s one skill you are great at, one skill you need to work on, or a skill that makes you uncomfortable to think about. We want to encourage you to dive into training one skill for at least the next 7 days. For example, if you want to train trust, each day for the next 7 days, ask for a discount when you are purchasing your next meal or coffee. If you want to train optimism, for the next 7 days, write down three good things or be the source of what’s good for someone else: do a random act of kindness every day for the next 7 days.
  • INFUSE the principles into your daily language — just referencing grit or calm can be helpful. For example, when you see someone finishing a task that is difficult, point it out as “gritty” behavior.  Another way to do this is to share an example (picture and/or story) of someone demonstrating a mindset skill in pop culture or maybe how you are training mindset right now.
  • CHALLENGE yourself to reconnect. Set a new goal that’s part of your vision, or set a new vision. Every member of the Compete to Create team is on this path right now. We are all looking for ways to reconnect to what matters to us through #projectreconnect. If you haven’t yet, check out Dr. Mike’s efforts to clean up the ocean in our three-part series Project Reconnect: Catalina Channel. (He also has a fundraiser going.) What matters most to you? How can you invigorate that fire and passion? What scares you the most, and why? Whether it is reconnecting to the fragility of life, to nature as a playground for exploring boundaries, or the sense of freedom and creativity of opting outside and doing things that are a part of something bigger than you, we want to encourage you to go for it!
  • POST your philosophy somewhere public facing such as LinkedIn, on your social media profiles, or on your email signature. Sharing your philosophy is one way to train it. Post it somewhere that you will see it every day! Tag us @competetocreate, tag your coach @nicoledavis or @courtneythompson, and tag Dr. Mike @michaelgervais.
  • SHARE with loved ones. Is there someone in your family, or community, who you think would be interested in the Finding Your Best course? One way to introduce the idea is by sharing your experience. Naturally, questions will come up, and open up the opportunity to exchange ideas on what the pursuit of each other’s best entails.  Another avenue is to share a goal or vision that you have set for yourself with someone you trust. Perhaps you want to live more in alignment with your personal philosophy. Ask your trusted friend or loved one to help keep you accountable on that journey. We need other people to help keep us accountable to our vision, and ultimately to our thoughts, words and actions.

If you’re reading this but haven’t taken the Finding Your Best course yet and something from the above piques your interest, click here to find out more about Finding Your Best. Being really clear on your principles, and conditioning your mind to perform at your best is the path to living it. Are you in?T