Six years ago, Pete Carroll and I launched Compete to Create with one aim in mind: help people become their best. I had been working in the trenches with elite performers while Pete’s specialty was in switching on high performing teams and cultures. We began working to help people perform to their best, but now it is so much more than that. We want to empower individuals to live a life of meaning and purpose. Learning from some of the greatest doers and thinkers in the world, we have created a course to help people engineer themselves to be, and reveal, their very best every day at work, at home, with colleagues, with family and friends and in their community. The decision to live a life with meaning and purpose, while also striving to be your best, requires training your mind.

There are only three things we can train as humans: Our craft, our body, and our mind. We all know that if we want to be physically fit, we need to train our bodies. If we want to be mentally fit, the same applies. There’s so much joy and freedom to training the mind. I haven’t met a world-class performer or coach who doesn’t find deep value in a sturdy and flexible mind.

The embedded challenge is that the mind is invisible. So, how do we actually train it? I wish after years of studying the science and being a community member within world-leading franchises that I could say, “Here are the seven steps, the eight hacks, or the four secrets of high performance.” But they don’t exist. There are no secrets, tricks, tips, or hacks. There are, however, a handful of psychological principles that support a life of purpose, meaning and high performance.

We put together a team, comprised of Olympians and psychologists, that is  well-versed in the science and the application of pursuing one’s best. We have been honing our content and deliverables over the last six years while working alongside world-leading teams and organizations. We have done hundreds of private events coaching up one person or small team at a time. The best performers in the world don’t leave their mindset up to chance. Why should you?

Training your mind takes time and discipline. Our training helps you be more present, more mindful, and more productive so you can be your best and be good for those around you. We want to be on that journey with you. Our new eight-week online course, Finding Your Best, is now available for individuals as well as teams and features video-based learning, community engagement, one-on-one feedback from an Olympian mindset coach, habit tracking, and more. The skills we teach are grounded in the science and art of high performance psychology. Finding Your Best has all of the tools to train your mind so that you can find your best on a regular basis.

We’ve launched this blog to stay in contact before, during and after the course. We will keep you up to date on new courses, episodes from Project Reconnect (coming soon!) and insights from our team on training your mind.

Looking forward to connecting with you along this ride.


Training mindset principles is important for anyone looking to improve personal performance. These principles are covered in the Finding Your Best course. Apply today to join the next cohort.