What is Compete to Create?


Six years ago, we started Compete to Create with a simple dream to help people find their best.

Since then, we’ve reached more than 35,000 people through our online training platform, live events, and 1-on-1 coaching. 

But you might be wondering: what exactly is Compete to Create?

The short answer? An educational platform aiming to help people find their best. The long answer? Well, let’s go back to how it all started.

In 2013, I got connected with sport psychologist Michael Gervais, who has worked with Olympians, MVPs, and adventure sports pros. We discovered that our philosophies for competing were in concert so we decided to link up to reach more people with the mindset principles that we believe lead to high performance. We simply wanted a way to be able to share our thoughts in an effort to help more people find their best.

So we joined forces and formed a company to do just that. We called it Compete to Create because we’re all about competing, and we believe competing is all about striving — striving for excellence, striving to find your best, and striving to create something special. 

We set out to reach businesspeople and the world at large because we’ve seen how real and impactful these principles of high performance are — from the football field to the boardroom and beyond. We’ve hosted hundreds of live events at various companies, launched an online educational platform that takes people through an eight-week video-based interactive course to find their best, and conducted 1-on-1 coaching with executives, performers, and people striving to get better in work and in life.

The Compete to Create student base has included employees from Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, SAP, AT&T, and many other well-known brands from around the world. We’ve seen how valuable the mindset training is and we’ve heard a bevy of positive feedback to our online platform.

But the coolest part about all of it is that we like to think we’re just getting started. 

And we’d love for you to join us on this journey of competing, creating, and finding your best.